Instructions for Using the Online Voting System in eServices


1.     Go to eServices at



2.     Enter your login ID (W + Student ID) and password, and click Login to access the Student Center in eServices:




3.     Click the “Elections & Surveys” tab.



4.     You may select either image/link to vote. 
Once you click on the link, a new browser window will open to allow you to vote. 
If you are not enrolled, you will not be allowed to vote, but will see this message instead:



Depending on the elections that are currently active, and depending on which colleges you are enrolled at, you may see more than one election.


Click a green Start button to vote in an election.


5.     Here is an example election:



Select one of the choices by clicking in the checkbox next to your choice, and click the Next button.


6.     When you have made all your selections for this election, you will see a page like this:



Be sure to click the Participant Consent box and then the green Submit button.


7.     You will then see a confirmation page, which may extend below the screen.  Use the scroll bars on the side to scroll down to see it all.




8.     At this point you have completed voting in one election.  You may be eligible to vote in other elections – look for another green Start button near the bottom of the page to vote in any other eligible elections you may have.


9.     When you have finished voting in all elections in which you are eligible,
be sure to Logout by clicking the Logout button:



You will then see this message – follow the instructions: