Note from the Chancellor

Los Rios Board of Trustees
Chancellor Brian King

A Strategic Plan and Vision for 2020

For the past half-century, each and every student, staff and faculty member and administrator has played an important role in the Los Rios District’s reputation as a leading community college district. And we will continue to be a leading district by working together to develop a strategic plan that is responsive to the world today.

Drafting our next five-year strategic plan will allow us to develop a vision, mission and goals for serving our community, and to set clearly defined benchmarks to measure our progress toward those stated goals.

Indeed, the world has changed dramatically since we last drafted our District’s strategic plan in 2011. There has been an emerging alignment – beginning with the White House, down through state government and into regional economies – that recognizes the growing importance of community colleges. And with that higher profile comes increased expectations. Moving forward, a key part of our plan is to identify reasonable yet aspirational expectations for the future and then charting a course that’s focused on helping our students find their success – helping them achieve what they say they want to achieve.

Five years from now, we’ll know this process and this plan has been a success if we can conclude that we are measurably better in 2020 than we are today in helping students reach their goals. And if we excel at that, then we will have peers from up and down the state and across the nation knocking at our door, wanting to study how we did it.  I look forward to working with you all in the months and years ahead to find our success as a District.

Brian King, Chancellor

January 2016