Can I Use FrontPage to Create My Web pages? And Will the Features of FrontPage Work On My Web Pages?

Yes, you can use FrontPage as a Web editor. There are some limitations, listed below, which potential FrontPage users should know about, but overall it is a very effective tool for Web Publishing.

FrontPage is designed for a broad array of users. Research shows that all types of customers use FrontPage because it lets them create and manage professional Web sites much easier than ever before. But there are a few limitations that FrontPage users should consider when creating a Web page to be hosted on one of the Los Rios campus servers:

DISK USAGE: You can create and publish as many FrontPage web pages as your disk storage allows. However, for each web page you publish FrontPage duplicates certain information into indices and hidden files. This adds to overhead, increasing the storage space required for your files. It is best to keep your environment clean of any files and graphics not used in your web pages.  This will help Los Rios maintain and keep storage space available to all in need.

SERVER EXTENSIONS: FrontPage Server Extensions allow you to take advantage of some of the automated components that are available through FrontPage. At Los Rios due to security concerns (there have been known problems with the FrontPage Extensions in an UNIX environment) our servers do not run the Front page Extensions. What this means in a practical sense at LRCCD, is that when you are creating a web page with Front Page you need to make sure that you don't use any of the unsupported features. To prevent the use of any unsupported features, it may be wise to turn off the extension options so they will not tempt you.

PUBLISHING A WEB PAGE USING FRONTPAGE: If your Web server does not have the FrontPage Server Extensions, FrontPage uses FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) to upload your files to a server. When FrontPage connect to the Web server, it recognizes that the server does not have the FrontPage Server Extensions. After getting your FTP address set up to upload files, it will prompt you for your user name and password. (Publishing Features)

BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: Some of the features offered by FrontPage will not work on Netscape or with AOL. Also, some of the features will not work in Internet Explorer unless you are using version 4.0 or higher! In order for your web pages to be viewable to most (if not all) of your audience, only use those features that are supported by all browsers.

Features that are not browser compatible:

  • Style Sheets
  • Hover Buttons
  • Page transition effects
  • Animation effects. (such as Page Banner and Banner Ad components)
  • FrontPage's Background Sound Feature will not work in other browsers.

Features requiring FrontPage web server extensions

  • Interactive discussion groups
  • Search Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Guest Book
  • Registration Form Handler
  • Hit Counter
  • Administer FrontPage-extended webs
  • Database Results Wizard
  • Send To Database Form Handler
  • Nested Sub webs
  • Lightweight Source Control (Document Check-in/Check-out without VSS)
  • Categories Component
  • StyleSheet links to multiple files or ASP files
  • Confirmation Field
  • Save Results Form Handler

Features not requiring FrontPage web server extensions

  • HTML markup
  • Include Page
  • Timestamp
  • Table Of Contents
  • Frame Wizard
  • JavaScript Wizard
  • VBScript Wizard
  • Hover Buttons
  • Banner Ad Manager
  • Page Banner