Can I get a JavaScript counter?

JavaScript cannot do a web page counter alone. You will have to use a CGI script, or Java as well. The reason for this is that JavaScript cannot write to external files, something necessary to run a counter (updating hit count).

Can I use Java Applets on my Web page?

Yes! As long as your audiences' browsers are Java enabled, your Java applet will display just fine.

How do I prevent my web page from being loaded inside someone else's frame?

In order to prevent your pages from being loaded inside someone else's frame, you need to add the following <meta> tag to all of your pages between the <head>.. ..</head> tags.

<meta http-equiv="Window-target" content="_top">

How do I refresh/redirect my existing web page?

In order to refresh/redirect your web page to another web page, you will need to add the following <meta> tag to the web page that you will be redirected from. Place this tag between the <head>.. ..</head> tags.

<meta http-Equiv="refresh" content="8; url=index.htm;">

content = the time it will take to redirect in seconds.
url = the page to redirect to.

It is best to also include a link to the new page, just in case a user's browser does not support redirection.