Information Regarding Your Probation Status

You are receiving this notice because a review of your academic record indicates that you have recently been placed on Academic Probation 1 or Progress Probation 1. This means that as of the end of last term you had a cumulative GPA below 2.0, or you have successfully completed half or fewer of the total units you have attempted. We are writing to urge you to seek the necessary student services to get back on the path to success.

You should be aware that two consecutive semesters of probation can lead to Academic and/or Progress Dismissal. Additionally, beginning in the summer/fall 2014 registration cycle, students at a California community college who have been on two consecutive terms of academic or progress probation will not be eligible for priority registration. This includes students in special programs such as DSPS, EOPS, CalWORKs, and Veterans.

In order to get back on track to academic success, check with your college to see if you must see a counselor or attend a college workshop. Also take advantage of other campus services such as tutoring, math lab, college success courses, and the services in the Learning Resource Center. Again, we urge you to take advantage of the resources available at your campus to help you improve your academic success and avoid the loss of priority registration and financial aid.

Your academic success is important to us! The classes you take are helping you build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your future employment. Take advantage of the resources available today so you can build a successful tomorrow.

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate college department: