Occupational Interest Survey

Here is a quick way to get an idea of your career interests. Have fun. There are no right or wrong answers.

Read the following checklist. Next to each activity, click the response which best describes how much you like doing the activity.

  • 0 = no interest
  • 1 = little interest
  • 2 = interest
  • 3 = high interest
Task 0 1 2 3
Repair and paint houses
Inspect buildings for safety
Create a new recipe
Teach people to speak another language
Sell items in a store
Work as a cashier in a supermarket
Sew clothes
Read books about math or science
Paint pictures
Care for sick people in hospitals
Work as a lawyer in court
Type or put information into a computer
Deliver packages
Teach science in high school
Write children's stories
Teach small children
Supervise tellers in a bank
Operate office machines
Fix electrical appliances
Invent a new machine
Interpret foreign languages
Read to blind people
Start and run your own business
Use a monthly budget
Drive a large truck
Work with medical equipment in a hospital
Photograph people and events
Care for the elderly
Direct recreation programs
Prepare tax reports
Work in a furniture factory
Design computer programs
Teach art to children
Meet and talk to new people
Hire workers for a business
Work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Repair computers
Design clothing
Manage a restaurant or store
Build houses
Decorate rooms in houses
Guide tourists to see the city sights
Find out reasons for poor health
Manage a home for your own family
Proof read articles or reports
Prepare medications for prescriptions
Help people find jobs
Check bills for mistakes
Work with or care for animals
Study the way people behave
Act or sing for an audience
Help the homeless
Sell houses to people
Sort and deliver mail
Trim bushes and trees
Study ocean life
Plan a new flower garden
Participate in community activities
Give speeches
Keep detailed records