Los Rios Unified Authentication Information and FAQs

The Problem:
The Los Rios District community of students, faculty and staff is currently served by multiple, Los Rios computer applications such as: Peoplesoft, Online Learning (D2L), Staff e-mail (Exchange), Rosters, Socrates, Student e-mail (Los Rios Gmail), the Library System, etc., and each uses a separate set of user credentials for authentication. The result is that persons using multiple Los Rios applications may have several IDs and passwords to use, remember and manage, and each with a different password management policy. This multiple-ID ‘burden’ is getting worse, not better, as more educational and business functions are automated, and security and privacy practices are strengthened.
The Goal:
Our goal is to modify the Los Rios computer systems and applications to all use the same mechanism (Active Directory) for user authentication. Persons using these systems would then require only a single ID and a single password to authenticate to all systems, and would need to change only one password for all systems. This service has been termed "Unified Authentication". The benefits of this service include the following:
  • Staff and students will only have to know one UserID and password to logon to multiple applications
  • A password change is only required once for all applications rather than individually for each application. A password change will take affect across all applications at the same time.
  • The service provides a single point of creation and deletion of a person’s account (from HR) with authentication to the various Los Rios applications
  • Additional applications can start using this same authentication mechanism as the application is upgraded to adapt, e.g. Library system
  • Unified Authentication facilitates the future goal of a “Single Sign-on” system to District applications (the capability to Sign-on only once to access multiple applications)
  • Security will be improved for all users and Los Rios data, by allowing:
    1. Users to more effectively manage the one password thereby reducing password exposure vulnerabilities
    2. One place to look (Directory Service) to determine user access rights (at a high-level). One place to enable/disable access to any Los Rios application
    3. A single point of creation of all user accounts. This can be automated and audited.
    4. Password management can be easily enforced and audited across all applications
What is Required?
  1. 1) Each person must use a common, uniquely assigned UserID that is distinctly their own. The Employee ID (or Student ID) has been selected as this ID, since it is the common ID for all Los Rios students today and for all faculty using the Learning Management System (D2L, OGS and Socrates).
  2. All student, faculty and staff authentication accounts must be located in a common area. This area will be in the LRCCD domain.
  3. User accounts must be created, deleted and managed automatically using HR personnel records
  4. Authentication mechanisms for existing and future Los Rios applications and systems must be configured to work with Active Directory authentication
  5. Access to existing College and District Office computing resources must be adapted to the new automated account process
  6. A common password management system must be adapted for all students and staff

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New UserID for all Windows Logons
When will I know to begin using my new UserID?
Your college IT group will inform you when your UserID has been changed.
Why does my UserID have to change?
The reasons for using the Employee (or Student) ID as the new UserID rather than the existing "Last Name(6) First Initial", are the following:
  • It guarantees uniqueness across the District, our current UserIDs do not
  • It doesn’t have to change if you move from one college to the next
  • It doesn’t have to change if you change your name
  • It doesn’t have to change if your role changes from student -> employee or employee -> student
  • It is permanently assigned to you – doesn’t change over time
  • It is automatically generated from Peoplesoft, facilitating automated account creation and removal
  • Students already use Student IDs for login access to eServices, D2L and Los Rios Gmail
  • Faculty already use Employee IDs for login access to Learning Management Systems (D2L); faculty utilization of LMS is expected to increase significantly
Isn’t my Employee ID a private number like my Social Security Number?
No. The Employee ID is not private information and is simply a unique identifier for you in the Los Rios HR system. Any existing processes relying on the Employee ID as a private identifier should be corrected, i.e. used as a copier pass code.
Will my Windows password change as a result of my UserID change?
No. Staff Windows passwords will remain unchanged
Do I need to input the leading zeros of my Employee ID, e.g. 0000001, when I logon to Windows?
Yes. All characters in your Employee ID will need to be used to Logon successfully.
Do I need to input a "W" before my Employee ID, e.g. W0900053, when I logon to Windows?
Yes. A "W" is required in front of your Employee ID number if it is not already shown on the screen. Some applications allow the “W” to be pre-loaded and others do not.
Will my e-mail address change?
No. All existing e-mail addresses will remain unchanged. As well, when you send e-mail to others they will continue to see your current e-mail address in the ‘Reply To’ field – "Last6First1@<college>.losrios.edu".
Should I use this new UserID to logon to Outlook Web Access (OWA) from home?
Yes. At the Los Rios OWA Home page https://ex.losrios.edu/ select your college site and then enter your new UserID and password.
If I forget my Employee ID how can I logon to my PC?
You can obtain your Employee ID at the following Los Rios web page - https://www.losrios.edu/cgi-bin/lrc/lookup.cgi
After this migration will I be able to use this same UserID and password to access Peoplesoft or Socrates, etc.?
Not yet. Though you will use the same UserID for both Windows and Peoplesoft (W+EmployeeID), your passwords will not be the same until Spring of 2009, aka "Unified Authentication". More information about the new Unified Authentication service will be soon.
How will this change affect me if I use a Mac computer?
Your login to your Mac computer will not change after the migration. Since the Mac does not interact with Active Directory for user authentication there will be no change. However, if you access Entourage or Outlook Web Access then you will need to use your new "W+Employee" UserID to logon to these applications.
When will I be able to use my new UserID and password to logon to some of the other Los Rios applications, e.g. Peoplesoft or D2L or others?
The first group of applications to be enabled for Unified Authentication are scheduled to occur in March 2009. More information about the specific applications and related changes will be made available soon.