Student Access Card

Official College Photo ID Card:

Your Student Access Card is your official college ID card. To acquire a Student Access Card, you need to provide proof of your identity with a photo identification card such as a driver’s license. Your Student Access Card gets you into college athletic events and other college activities where student identification is required. See below for a list of locations at the four Los Rios Colleges where you can pick up your Student Access Card.

Regional Transit Pass Card:

Students approved a Universal Transit Pass (UTP) fee that allows students to use public transit bus and light rail systems at a greatly reduced rate. Learn more about which transit agencies accept the UTP through Regional Transit here: Fares Accepted (PDF). Your Student Access Card is your transit pass. For your Student Access Card to be valid as a Regional Transit pass, it must have the current UTP semester sticker attached. All Los Rios students must follow Regional Transit's Abide to Ride rules. For more information please go to UTP FAQ page.

Here's how it works:


  • Eligibility: The UTP pass fee will be assessed to all eligible students and is available for pickup for students that have a Student Access Card, and who do not have any outstanding balance due on their account. An "eligible student" is one who is enrolled in more than three (3) units a semester at any one college. Please note that the following students are not eligible for the UTP:
    • Students enrolled in the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Center
    • Students enrolled in apprenticeship programs
    • Students taking classes on the UC Davis main campus
    • Students studying abroad
    • Incarcerated Students Inside Correctional Facilities
  • Cost: The fee is $2.25 per unit, rounded up to the next whole unit. The maximum fee charged is $33.75 a semester for students enrolled in 15 or more units across the Los Rios Colleges. Students enrolled in three (3) or fewer units at any one college may purchase a Regional Transit monthly pass for $20.
  • Valid: Seven days a week, from August 1 through December 31 for the fall semester; from January 1 through May 31 for the spring semester. Sticker is available for pick-up the first business day in August for the fall semester, and the first business day in January for the spring semester.
  • Refund: The fee is refundable if a student drops courses within the fee refund period. If a student drops all units, or to 3 or less units, the student is expected to return their UTP sticker. A minimum fee of $9.00 will be withheld from the refund if a UTP sticker has already been issued to the student for the fall or spring semester. The Regional Transit monthly pass is NOT refundable.


  • Required: All students enrolled in summer session will be assessed the UTP fee.
  • Cost: The fee is $10, regardless of unit load.
  • Valid: Seven days a week from June 1 through July 31.  Sticker is available for pick-up the first business day in June.
  • Refund: The fee is refundable if a student drops all of their units within the refund period and a UTP sticker was not issued to the student. The student is expected to return the UTP sticker if dropping all units.

Where to pick up your Student Access card:

IMPORTANT: For Student Access Card photographs, the colleges require an unobstructed picture of the face of the person being photographed. For these photographs, all students must remove any hair coverings (hats, scarves, etc.) and any objects that cover the face except for prescription eyeglasses with clear lenses.

Please note that service hours/days will vary by campus:

ARC: Main campus, Center for Leadership and Development (Student Center); Natomas Center, Main Office

CRC: Main campus, Admissions and Records (College Center); Elk Grove Center

FLC: Main campus, Welcome and Student Success Center (FL 1); EDC, Computer Lab (C-204); Rancho Cordova Outreach Center

SCC: Main campus, City Cafe 2 (August, January only), Learning Resource Center (2nd Floor); Davis Center; West Sacramento Center

College Library Card:

Your Student Access Card is also your college library card. It is valid at any of the Los Rios College libraries: American River College (ARC), Cosumnes River College (CRC), Folsom Lake College (FLC) and El Dorado Center (EDC), or Sacramento City College (SCC). The card must be presented at your library’s circulation desk when borrowing books and other library materials. A Student Access Card is no longer needed when accessing online library resources. Students who are currently enrolled can access library research databases, request library materials from other Los Rios libraries, place holds on items and review their library record online using their student ID number (example: w1234567, with the w) and Los Rios password (the same password used by eServices, Los Rios Gmail, and Desire2Learn). If you have any questions, contact your college library for assistance.

GoPrint Card:

You can use your Student Access Card to make photocopies or prints at any GoPrint station at any college in the Los Rios District. To activate the debit stripe on the back of your card, insert it into any vend/revalue GoPrint station and deposit the amount of value (minimum $1.00) you wish to put on the card. Additional value may be added to the debit stripe any time thereafter.
(Note: If you still have money on a former Los Rios GoPrint card, you can continue to use that card until the value is spent by going to a Revalue Station and inserting your card to reactivate it.)

Discount Card:

Some stores and merchants offer discounts to our students. Use your Student Access Card to prove you qualify for the discount. Find out what discounts you may qualify for.

If your card is lost or stolen:

Each student will be issued one (1) Student Access Card free of charge each academic year. There is no charge for the replacement of a damaged UTP sticker IF the remnants of your damaged sticker are attached to your card. Otherwise, the following charges will apply:

  • Access Card only: $5.00
  • Lost/Stolen UTP Sticker: $33.75 (fall and spring); $10 (summer)
  • Access Card & Lost/Stolen UTP Sticker $38.75 (fall and spring); $15 (summer)

If a student loses the card and sticker, he or she can pay for both at the college’s Business Services Office and then present the receipt at the ID card station to get both the card and sticker replaced. If the student needs only a replacement sticker, he or she can pay and receive the replacement UTP sticker at the Business Services Office.

If your card or sticker is damaged:

Damaged cards or damaged stickers will be replaced free of charge. Please bring the damaged card with sticker or the damaged sticker to a location where cards are issued.

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