Enrollment Refund Policy

The enrollment fee, non-resident tuition, international tuition, or Universal Transit Pass fee (if a sticker has not been picked up) are refundable for program changes made by Friday of the 2nd week of instruction for full-term classes or by Friday of the 1st week of instruction for short-term classes (short term = any class less than full-term, see dates). Refund eligibility is determined by the date the course is officially dropped.

Requests for refunds must be filed by the last day of instruction in the semester for which the fee was paid, or they will be disallowed. Credit balances will be forfeited and do not carry over to the next semester/term. Application and installment payment fees are non-refundable.

A student who must withdraw for military purpose shall be refunded 100% fees and tuition paid, regardless of the date of withdrawal. Requests for refunds made after the end of the semester will be honored.

Application forms are available at the Business Services (Cashier) office. You may also submit your request for a fee refund by using our Online Fee Refund Application