Los Rios Password Management FAQs

What should I do if I forget my password or have difficulty changing it?
Use the self-service Password Maintenance page. There you will find a list of services available to assist you in fixing your password. If you forgot your password, use the Forgot My Password link. If you have problems with the forgot your password feature or are unable to change your password you must go to the Business Office on your campus to have your password reset (bring a current photo ID.)

The Importance of Password Security Questions
In order to use the self-service password maintenance system, you must know and remember the answers to your password security questions. Once you have successfully updated your password, be sure to check your Security Questions to be sure you remember the answers, or to change your answers to something you will remember next time!
What is the password policy?
All Los Rios employees logging into the Los Rios network (aka Active Directory) are required to create and use “strong” passwords. This password must satisfy a specific length and complexity requirement and must be changed every several months. More information is provided below.
I log into multiple systems at Los Rios. Which systems require the password policy?
All Windows and Mac systems that authenticate on the Los Rios network participate in this password policy. Common systems include: Windows and some Mac desktops, Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Entourage, file server access and printer access. In addition, users of PeopleSoft HR/SA and Financials systems, eServices, Faculty Request Interface, Employee Self Service (ESS), D2L, Online Grading System (aka Roster System), Los Rios Gmail, web servers, Ingeniux and the Library system are subject to this password policy.
How long and complex must my password be? How frequently will I be required to change it?

Your password must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be at least 10 characters long
  • It must contain each of the following items:
    • an UPPERCASE letter
    • a lowercase letter
    • a number
  • It cannot contain any part of your name (first or last), or your employee ID.
  • You cannot repeat a password that you have previously used in the last 8 changes.
Some examples are:

"join us on our trip 2 Security"
"w8it until I tell your Father"

You may add complexity to your password by including special characters, but there is marginal value to this practice as the length of the password equals or exceeds 10 characters in length; keep in mind, additional complexity can make your password harder to remember.

Passwords need to be changed every 90 days. You will be prompted by the system to change your password approximately 14 days before it expires. If it is not changed during this 14-day period your account will become “locked” and unusable until your password is changed. You can change your password at any time, even if your account is “locked”.
How can I create and remember such a long password?
It is much easier to create and remember phrases rather than long words. It helps to keep the phrase simple and meaningful to aid memorization. It is important that the password you create can be remembered, without resorting to written reminders, i.e. sticky notes, or other props that can be easily obtained by an intruder.
I use Outlook Web Access regularly. Can I change my password there? Is this password subjected to the same password management policy for length and complexity?
Yes, you can change your Los Rios network account password from within Outlook Web Access (OWA), and it is subjected to these new password management policies (since these passwords are one and the same). Please be aware that selecting the Change Password function within Outlook Web Access (Options – Change Password) will redirect you to the Los Rios Staff Password Update form. Also, if your password has expired you will be automatically redirected to the Staff Password Update form.
How will Mac clients know to change their password without the Pop up described above?
Those Mac users authenticating on the Los Rios network (CRC and some at SCC) will still receive a prompt that their password has expired and needs to be changed. Unfortunately, due to technical differences between the Windows PC and Mac a uniform pop-up facility was not available.