Student Payment Plan

A new payment plan gives enrolled Los Rios Community College students the option of using a payment program to pay their fees over time instead of in one lump sum. This program can make the cost of fees more manageable for some students who do not receive financial aid or a Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver.

Access to the payment program will be available through eServices starting in late-fall 2016. There is a $15 fee for Spring 2017 and there are several plans:

Spring Plan (enrollment begins late-November; payment plan available Dec. 7)

Maximum - 3 months

Payment Due Date

December - 33%

Dec. 30

January - 66%

Jan. 30

February - 100%

Feb. 28

Fall Plan (enrollment begins mid-April; payment plan available April 10)

Maximum - 6 months

Payment Due Date

April - 17%

April 30

May - 33%

May 30

June - 50%

June 30

July  - 67%

July 30

August - 83%

Aug. 30

September - 100%

Sept. 30

Summer Plan (enrollment begins mid-April; payment plan available April 10)

Maximum - 3 months

Payment Due Date

April  - 33%

April 30

May - 66%

May 30

June - 100%

June 30

There is also a late enrollment payment plan:





Between May & June

If a student enrolls in the plan between May and June (instead of April), the student will have to make up or “catch up” all missed payments and all remaining payments will follow the usual plan (as if the student enrolled from the onset)



July - 33%
August - 33%
September - 34%



August - 50%
September - 50%



December - 33%
January - 33%
February - 34%



January - 50%
February - 50%

The tables show the maximum number of months available for a payment plan assuming a student enrolls in the plan at the earliest date of enrollment for that term and pays the fees in full no later than the second month following the start of that term. Multiple credit cards as well as EFT can be used throughout the payment plan.