Dear Students:

Community college enrollment fees are determined by the California State Legislature and are subject to change. This is to let you know the Legislature has increased the enrollment fee for the Fall 2009 semester from $20 per unit to $26 per unit. This increase takes effect immediately.

Below are answers to some questions you might have:

I’ve already paid my fees for Fall 2009. What happens now that the Legislature has increased fees for fall?
Your fees have been recalculated based on the new $26 per unit amount. Please go to eServices to view and pay the new amount you owe.

I haven’t paid my fees for Fall 2009, what should I do?
You need to pay your fees within the 10-day timeframe or you could be dropped from your classes. To calculate your fees, use the $26 per unit rate.

I am eligible for a BOGW fee waiver. Will the waiver cover the fee increase?

How do I find out if I qualify for a BOGW fee waiver?
Just go to the Los Rios Financial Aid Options website to learn more about eligibility, or to fill out the Online Enrollment Fee Waiver.

Check back at this site frequently. We will update it as new information becomes available.