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ADA Standard Operational Procedure Regarding Access

Reporting Problems With Doors

If an ADA-compliant building entry door is not functioning as intended and/or is deemed inoperable, please follow the prescribed steps below:

  1. Students, staff and faculty are asked to contact a faculty member or a division office staff member to report the problematic door (this will be publicized in the catalog, online, and on relevant ADA sites). The day the complaint is received, faculty that receive these reports will contact the division office to notify them of the problem. A division office staff member will then enter a trouble ticket and/or contact Operations to notify them of the door issue. If the matter arises when the Operations office is closed, the department should call dispatch to alert them of the issue and the matter should be relayed to Operations upon their opening the following business day.
  2. Operations will then initiate (or forward) a Facilities Management (FM) work order trouble ticket for the door repair. Operations will maintain a written log/record of each instance in which an individual has reported an accessible feature becoming inaccessible. The log/record will include the name and contact information of the individual making the report, the date of the report, the details of the report, and the date and details of the action taken by the College in response to the report.
  3. The trouble ticket will go into the FM ADA queue and will be considered a “priority 1” repair. Automatic emails will be generated and provided to the District 504 coordinator, the District CASP specialist, and the College 504 officer.
  4. Until the door is repaired by FM, Operations will gauge whether or not the door can be “safely” propped open during normal business hours to allow access, if possible. If the door cannot be safely propped open (ex. fire rated doors), Operations will provide directional signage showing the alternative ADA-compliant path of travel to the next closest ADA-compliant entry door. Where the door is the single ADA access point into that building or program, Student Services will canvas the classrooms/programs located in that building to ascertain if there are particular students in need of accommodations and work with those students to ensure access to the programs and/or services in that building. Such action may include relocation of the program or activity to an accessible location, duplication of the program or activity in an accessible location, provision of a like program or activity through another entity, or interim measures authorized by federal law and OCR policy that will allow participation in the program or activity in its inaccessible location for a short time until an accessible location can be found. While the door is inaccessible under the ADA standards, the College will prominently post at the inoperable feature a notice stating that the feature is currently inoperable, that the College is in the process of returning the feature to an accessible state, and that individuals who need to access any program or activity intended to be accessed through the inoperable feature may contact the individual stated at the end of the notice in order to obtain access to the program or activity.
  5. After the door has been repaired and is operating as intended, Operations will remove the directional signage and monitor the door for future problems.
  6. Individuals may use the College's internal complaint/grievance procedure (Policy 2423; Regulation 2423) in the event that an individual is dissatisfied with the College's response to his or her report of the inoperability of an accessible feature.
  7. The office responsible for the implementation for this procedure is the Vice President of Administration (VPA) at the College:
  8. This table contains contact information for the Vice Presidents of Administration at each college.
    College VPA Name Location Phone Email
    ARC Kuldeep Kaur Administration Building (916) 484-8484 kaurk@arc.losrios.edu
    CRC Cory Wathen Administration Building (916) 691-7252 wathenc@crc.losrios.edu
    FLC Kathleen Kirklin College Administration (916) 608-6555 kirklik@flc.losrios.edu
    SCC Carrie Bray (Interim) Rodda Hall North, RHN 269 (916) 558-2120 brayc@scc.losrios.edu

Updated: October 31, 2016