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Office of the General Counsel

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment and Disability Accommodation


Los Rios Community College District is committed to eliminating all forms of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. It is also committed to allowing individuals with disabilities who need service animals to use them to participate in the colleges services, programs and activities. The District has adopted detailed policies and regulations addressing unlawful discrimination, including sexual harassment, and service animals. Each college and district unit has appointed a specific individual responsible for receiving complaints and conducting investigations.


Topics of Clarification

Title IX Coordinators and 2014-2015 Equity, Discipline and Grievance Officers

Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines for Employees with Disabilities

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment and Title IX


To view sections of the District's Board Policies and Administrative Regulations pertaining to employment discrimination and/or sexual harassment, click below.


Policies and Regulations Pertaining to Discrimination

Students: P-2113, P-2423, R-2423

Faculty: P-5111, P-5172, R-5172

Classified Employees: P-6111, P-6163, R-6163

Administrators: P-9111, P-9152, R-9152

Policies and Regulations Pertaining to Sexual Harassment

Students: P-2113, P-2423, P-2424, R-2423

Faculty: P-5111, P-5172, P-5173, R-5172

Classified Employees: P-6111, P-6161, P-6163, R-6163

Administrators: P-9111, P-9152, P-9153, R-9152