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1.0 Vacation Accrual

1.1 Management and confidential employees accrue vacation at the rate of 1.75 working days for each calendar month in which the employee is on pay status at least one (1) day. (Education Code  88197)

2.0 Vacation Scheduling

2.1 Vacations may be scheduled with the approval of the immediate supervisor and in accordance with procedures established by the Chancellor. Such plans must satisfy the Chancellor as to coverage and advance planning.

2.2 Management and confidential employees may not accrue more than sixty (60) vacation days as of September 1 each year.

Policy Adopted:           1/4/78
Policy Revised:            6/13/79; 2/18/81; 6/16/82; 12/9/98
Policy Reviewed
Adm. Regulation:         R-9231

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