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1.0 Statement of Intent

1.1 It is the intent of the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees to implement at each of the colleges in the District, written procedures to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that students, faculty and staff who are victims of sexual assault committed at or upon the grounds of or upon off-campus grounds or facilities maintained by the District or colleges, shall receive treatment and information. The procedures should provide for referrals to local community treatment centers.

2.0 Definition of Sexual Assault (Education Code  67385)

2.1 "Sexual assault" includes, but is not limited to, rape, forced sodomy, forced oral copulation, rape by a foreign object, sexual battery, or threat of sexual assault.

3.0 Written Procedures

3.1 Each college shall develop written procedures which shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

3.1.1 The college policy regarding sexual assault on campus.

3.1.2 Personnel on campus who should be notified, and procedures for notification, with the consent of the victim.

3.1.3 Legal reporting requirements and procedures for fulfilling them.

3.1.4 A description of campus services and resources available to victims, as well as appropriate off-campus services.

3.1.5 Procedures for ongoing case management, including procedures for keeping the victim informed of the status of any student disciplinary proceedings in connection with the sexual assault, and the results of any disciplinary action or appeal, and helping the victim deal with academic difficulties that may arise because of the victimization and its impact.

3.1.6 Procedures for guaranteeing confidentiality and appropriately handling requests for information from the press, concerned students, and parents.

3.1.7 Each victim of sexual assault should receive information about the existence of at least the following options: criminal prosecutions, civil prosecutions, the disciplinary process through the college, the availability of mediation, academic assistance alternatives, and mental health counseling.

4.0 Dissemination

4.1 The written procedures shall be published in all student, faculty and staff handbooks and shall be given to any student or employee who is the victim of a sexual assault.

Policy Adopted:           2/20/91                 (Formerly P-9131) 
Policy Revised:            12/9/98
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         None

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