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1.0 Complaints

1.1 Employees and applicants shall have access to the procedure for handling complaints relating to discrimination (including the Americans with Disabilities Act) and sexual harassment as outlined in the Los Rios Community College District's Administrative Regulations.

2.0 Referral to State/Federal Agencies

2.1 When complaints are not resolved to the satisfaction of the applicant/employee using the District internal process, the Director, Human Resources, will refer the individual to the appropriate State or Federal agency.

3.0 Report on Complaints/Problem Resolution Related to Affirmative Action

3.1 A compilation of complaints relating to discrimination shall be presented to the Los Rios Community College Board of Trustees annually.

4.0 Non-Retaliation

        4.1 Raising a concern of discrimination shall not affect the concerned individual's future dealings with the District, with his or her employment, or with compensation or work assignments. In the case of a student, it shall not affect grades, class selection, or other matters pertaining to his or her status as a student of the District.

        4.2 In a situation where evidence is found that an allegation of discrimination is brought solely for the purpose of vexation, the appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.


Policy Adopted:          8/15/79                     (Formerly P-9119)
Policy Revised:            2/18/81; 6/16/82; 2/21/90; 6/3/92; 12/9/98; 12/12/07
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-9152                    (Formerly R-9119)

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