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1.0 Authority

1.1 The Chancellor, by direction of the Board of Trustees, is responsible for the selection process of management personnel.

1.2 The Chancellor may delegate responsibility for preliminary screening, but final authority for the selection and recommendation of an appointee to the Board shall remain with the Chancellor.

2.0 Selection Criteria

2.1 In the selection of personnel for management positions other than lateral transfers, reassignments, or reclassifications, the following requirements are established:

2.1.1 Applicants will meet the qualifications for the position as defined by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor;

2.1.2 The selection process, when a committee is used, will have representation from: management, faculty, classified staff and the equity committee;

2.1.3 The Chancellor's recommendation to the Board will insure that human resource procedures were completed in accordance with the District's equity procedures.

3.0 Educational Management Positions

3.1 Educational management positions are those that are not part of the classified service. When an educational management position is being filled, other than by lateral transfer, reassignment or reclassification, the following will apply:

3.1.1 Applicants for educational management positions must meet the following minimum qualifications as have been established in consultation with representatives of the District Academic Senate:

1) Possession of a master's or higher degree; and

2) One (1) year of formal training, internship or leadership experience reasonably related to the manager's administrative assignment.

3.1.2 The advice and judgment of representatives of the Academic Senate serving on the screening or interview committees will be relied upon in determining that applicants for educational management positions possess qualifications that are at least equivalent to the minimum qualifications defined in Section 2.1.1 of this policy.

3.2 A management vacancy may be deleted or a new position established by the Board on the recommendation of the Chancellor.

4.0 Confidential Positions

4.1 Except as otherwise provided, the selection of confidential employees shall be in accordance with classified human resources  practices and regulations.

5.0 Appointment

5.1 The appointment of management and confidential employees shall be recommended to the Board by the Chancellor.

5.1.1 The District Academic Senate may present its views concerning candidates' minimum qualifications to the Board of Trustees before the Board makes a determination on appointments to educational management positions. A written record of the Board's decision and the views of the District Senate shall be available for review pursuant to Education Code § 87358.

5.2 The Chancellor shall make acting or interim appointments.

6.0 Faculty Service Area for Managers

6.1 Criteria for District minimum qualifications and equivalencies as agreed upon by a joint committee of District Academic Senate representatives and representatives of the Board of Trustees are established in Policy and Regulation (P-5121; R-5121). Managers will be assigned a faculty service area (FSA) upon appointment, and may petition for additional FSA's. Decisions regarding the appropriate faculty service area will be made according to the pre-established criteria contained in Policy and Regulation (P-5121;R-5121 ).

7.0 Participation in Retirement System

7.1 All regular full-time management employees and confidential employees shall be required to participate in the State Teachers' Retirement System (STRS) or the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) as appropriate.

7.2 New employees who are already members of STRS but are hired for classified service with Los Rios may choose between continuing with STRS or joining PERS. New employees who are already members of PERS, but who would be eligible for STRS, may choose between continuing with PERS or joining STRS.

7.2.1 The options under Section 7.2 above are subject to STRS and PERS regulations effective at time of hire.

8.0    Police Records

8.1 Fingerprinting

8.1.1 All applicants shall be fingerprinted prior to employment with the District.

8.1.2 The Chancellor shall adopt appropriate regulations.  

Policy Adopted:          12/17/77           (Formerly P-9116)
Policy Revised:            9/19/79; 2/18/81; 6/16/82; 2/21/90; 11/7/90; 12/9/98; 10/1/03
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-9122             (Formerly R-9116)

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