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1.0 Attendance Accounting Standards

1.1 The District shall maintain the necessary records for accurate reporting the attendance information in accordance with the Education Code, the California Community Colleges Student Attendance Accounting Manual and Title V.

1.2 The Attendance Accounting Procedure Manual shall be adhered to in order to ensure that proper attendance records and system supporting documentation, and record retention procedures are maintained.

2.0 Basic Attendance Requirements for State Apportionment Purposes

2.1 The Chancellor or his designee shall prepare an academic calendar for each college annually. The calendar shall be adopted by the Governing Board before January 15 of each year and as further described in Board Policy( P-7123). Such calendar shall contain the statutory number of days required in an academic year as defined for complete attendance reporting for student census information.

2.2 Student attendance information reported for State apportionment purposes shall be generated from courses or programs approved by the Governing Board, comply with applicable Title V requirements (Sections 58100-58308) and as further prescribed by Board Policy. 

2.3 Such courses reported for State apportionment purposes shall be conducted by appropriate certificated personnel who shall maintain immediate supervision and control of the instructional activities. (Title V, 58056 and 58058).

2.4 All such courses shall be open to enrollment by the general public and in accordance with Education Code 84500 and Title V, Sections 58100-58110, unless expressly exempted by statute.

2.5 Attendance related to State apportionment funding shall be reported for California students only as defined in the Education Code and Title V.

3.0 Basic Attendance Reporting Responsibility

3.1 The colleges shall be responsible for the accurate reporting and maintenance of student enrollment/attendance data regarding the following:

(a) student registration
(b) residency status category
(c) student enrollment and disenrollment
(d) course categories -- census and actual hours of attendance including apprenticeship hours and as further described in the District Attendance Accounting Procedures Manual.

3.2 College administration and faculty shall be responsible for maintaining accurate enrollment information. In particular, as of designated census weeks, attendance information for courses reported on a census basis shall include only those students who are enrolled and actively engaged in the educational activity of such course.

3.3 District Office shall be responsible for the coordination and preparation of required attendance reports as prescribed by the California Community Colleges. Established filing dates for required attendance reports shall be followed.

Policy Adopted:          11/9/83
Policy Revised:
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Adm. Regulation:         None

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