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8440     Donated Capital Projects                                                                         

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1.0 Donated or Cooperative Capital Projects

1.1 Definition - a contribution from the community, public or private agency, organization or individual(s) to construct, renovate, improve or add to District facilities or sites.

1.1.1 A contribution may be made in the form of monies for the specified project or materials and/or related labor or other in-kind donations.

1.1.2 A contribution may also be proposed from the outside organization or entity in the form of a cooperative project with the District.

1.2 All proposed facility projects/donations shall first be reviewed by appropriate District and college staff.  Projects which have the potential of enhancing the educational objectives of the District and adhere to the District's overall master plan shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

1.2.1 Any site improvement or facility constructed or remodeled through donations or cooperative efforts shall have as its first priority the educational needs of the College and/or District.

1.2.2 Any site improvement, facility construction or improvement shall be consistent or blend with the existing architectural design of the college/site.

1.3 The Chancellor shall continue negotiations and/or further planning after Governing Board review and authorization to proceed.

1.4 When appropriate, a donor may be required to secure appropriate bonding prior to commencement of the project.  If total required funds for the project are not under the joint control of the District, performance or completion bond shall be required as determined by District staff or the Governing Board.  

2.0 Construction/Renovation of Donated Facilities and Other Capital Projects

2.1 Projects recommended for Governing Board review require the following considerations prior to development of any agreement with the donor or proceeding with project planning:

2.1.1 Total estimated cost of the project shall be determined.

2.1.2 Required funds must be on hand prior to commencing any improvement, construction or alteration, or identified phase of the project. Joint control of funds, performance bonds or other mutually agreeable surety shall be considered. District property shall not be used as collateral or security for any financing arrangements related to the project.

2.1.3 Projects involving in-kind donations shall specify the details of such donations. All donated materials and services used in the project are subject to review and approval of appropriate District and facilities staff.

2.1.4 Details of the project must be defined by plans, blueprints or other design details and meet required building standards, as appropriate.

2.1.5 Timelines for completion - An acceptable timeline from start to completion must be stated in order to minimize disruption of educational activities.

2.1.6 Staffing and other district cost considerations shall be determined. Estimated cost to maintain, staff and operate the donated facility/improvement, once completed, shall be provided for Board information.

2.1.7 A project shall commence after sufficient documentation has been provided.  

2.2 Title to completed improvements shall be transferred to the District free and clear of any liens and encumbrances.

2.3 Appropriate District/College personnel shall be designated by the Chancellor to work cooperatively with the outside agency or group to ensure the project is completed per the agreed terms.

3.0 Management of Completed Facilities

3.1 Complete facilities/improvements shall be managed and under the control of District facility personnel. Exception to this policy requires Governing Board approval.

4.0 Implementation

4.1 The Chancellor or designee shall develop regulations to implement the intent of this policy.

Policy Adopted:          2/21/90
Policy Revised:           1/15/03
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8441

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