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1.0 Position Relative to Rezoning

1.1 In order to establish and maintain an environment which will now and in the future be compatible with the educational goals of Los Rios District colleges, the Board of Trustees adopts the following position concerning rezoning in areas adjacent to college campuses:

1.1.1 Proper zoning classification for these areas in all R (Residential) classification.

1.1.2 Improper zoning classifications for these areas in all C (Commercial) and M (Manufacturing) classifications.

1.2 The Board of Trustees will review this position periodically in order to permit consideration of altered circumstances which might warrant a revision in the policy. Revisions will be considered in the light of their effect upon the total educational program of the college.

Policy Adopted:           6/23/65                     (Formerly P-4624)
Policy Revised:            1/14/81; 6/16/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         None

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