Waste Reduction P-8371 

8370    Waste Reduction and Recycled Program Administration                                                                        

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1.0 The Plan

    1.1    Reducing the amount of solid waste land-filled in California has been established as a high priority for the State of California. The Chancellor shall be responsible for establishing and implementing a Districtwide Waste Reduction and Recycle Program. 

    1.2    The Chancellor shall, through a designee, establish a Waste Reduction Advisory Committee, as outlined in Regulation 8371.

    1.3    Adherence to the District's Waste Reduction and Recycle Program will be required of vendors doing business with Los Rios Community College District. Specific reporting parameters developed will be provided to vendors in order to comply with this policy.


Policy Adopted:          1/18/06
Policy Revised:           
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8371

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