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1.0 Authority

1.1 The Governing Board may initiate, sponsor, and carry on any program or activity that is not in conflict with or inconsistent with the purposes for which the district was established (Educ. Code 70901). In this regard, the Governing Board supports special activities which are consistent with the overall mission and/or educational activities of this district.

2.0 Definition of Special Activities

2.1 Special activities are those district or college sponsored functions or activities which:

 (a)  promote the understanding of district programs;
 (b)  increase community awareness and participation of our educational
 (c)  promote individual or group support of our educational priorities;
 (d)  communicate the mission of the district; or
 (e)  commend exemplary service to this district and education.

2.2 Special activities for District employees, governing board members and community meetings include the following types of meetings, events, functions or activities:

2.2.1 Educational events which promote community awareness and expand the District's community outreach program; 

2.2.2 Educational activities which support designated community advisory groups; 

2.2.3 Community-sponsored or District-sponsored events requiring an official representative(s) from the district. Governing board member(s) and District employees may be the selected designated official representative(s);

2.2.4 Functions for volunteers; new and retiring employees;

2.2.5 Activities which improve employee morale or express timely appreciation of an individual's or group's contribution to education; and

2.2.6 Activities which enhance and support international education.

2.2.7 Educational and planning seminars, workshops and meetings for board members, employees and community members. 

2.3 Special activities that directly involve student participation such as functions recognizing academic or extra-curricular achievements or community service.   

3.0 Funding for Special Activities

3.1 The Governing Board authorizes the Chancellor to promote and support the special activities which are consistent with the overall mission and/or the educational purpose of this district.

3.2 The amount of annual funds appropriated in the general and instructionally related funds for special activities defined in this policy shall not exceed .08% of the general fund estimated revenues for that year.  Expenditures shall be accounted for separately and shall not exceed the annual amount determined for each college and the District at the beginning of the fiscal year.   

3.3 District support of special activities, including financial support, shall require the prior approval of the Chancellor for District-sponsored activities or the college president for college-sponsored activities.  All approved special activities shall be charged to the annual amount committed for this purpose.

3.4 Appropriate expenditures for these special activities include the following:

3.4.1 Food and non-alcoholic beverages;

3.4.2 Meeting/food expenses incurred by the colleges' food service management programs;

3.4.3 Meal expense of official district representative(s) designated by the Board or Chancellor;

3.4.4 Rental of space and equipment;

3.4.5 Framed certificates, plaques, trophies and other special recognition items;

3.4.6 Flowers, cards, invitations; and

3.4.7 Other incidental expenses relating to the activity.

Expenditures such as speaker fees and honorariums for an approved special activity may be charged to the appropriate general fund account of the district.

3.5 All expenditures incurred for the approved special activity shall be approved by the Chancellor or his/her designee for District-sponsored activities or by the college president or his/her designee prior to the payment of the invoice.

3.6 The Governing Board shall periodically review the adequacy of funds provided for special activities. Any increase in the annual funds provided shall require board action.

Policy Adopted:          11/1/89
Policy Revised:            1/15/03
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8361

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