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1.0 Authorization (Educ. Code 87032)

1.1 Employees shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenditures incurred while traveling and conducting Los Rios Community College District business. District travel may be authorized under the following conditions:

1.1.1 Special trips to conduct District business or to attend conferences that have been authorized by the Chancellor;

1.1.2 funds from which such travel expenditures may be made have been appropriated by the Los Rios College District Board of Trustees; and

1.1.3 such travel is deemed by the Chancellor or designee to be in the best interest of the District;

1.2 The Board of Trustees authorizes the advance of funds to cover necessary expenses.  Such advances shall be repaid or adjusted upon filing of a regular claim for the actual and necessary expenses incurred.  

1.3 Student travel and conference may be approved where it is determined by the Chancellor or designee that the conditions listed under 1.1 above are met.

1.4 The Board of Trustees may authorize any employee of the District to attend any convention or conference or to visit schools for the discussion or observation of any matter relating to the duties of the employee or any areas of interest to the District.  

2.0 Reimbursement of Allowable Expenses

2.1 The Chancellor or designee will develop administrative regulations to implement this policy.

3.0    The District/College shall not recognize any trip where the appropriate prior approval has not been obtained as required in the administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy. In this circumstance, the District/College shall not be liable for any financial costs, personal injury or death, lost property, lost income or any other loss arising out of that trip. Further, the District/College shall not indemnify and/or defend any person who participates in such a trip where these approval policies and regulations have not been followed.

Policy Adopted: 4/7/65         (Formerly P-8331)
Policy Revised: 6/5/74; 12/4/74; 2/17/76; 2/4/81; 6/16/82; 5/1/85; 11/15/89; 1/15/03; 1/18/06; 12/12/07
Policy Reviewed:     
Adm. Regulation: R-8341

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