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1.0 Equal Opportunity

1.1 It is the intent of the Los Rios Community College District to make its business procedures conform to the practices of a model government entity to the extent feasible.

1.2 It shall attempt, in all areas, to fulfill by its own example the principles which it seeks in others with whom it does business.

2.0 Purchasing of Supplies and Equipment

2.1 The matter of District spending, including the purchase of supplies and equipment, is one to which the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees gives most critical attention.

2.2 The Board of Trustees seeks in every case to purchase, for the least expenditure of funds, optimum quality for the function to be served.

2.3 The Board is guided by appropriate legal provisions for purchase of supplies and equipment, and for work to be done. (Ed. Code §§ 81641-81656 and Pub. Cont. Code § 20651)

2.4 Other things being equal, purchases shall be made within the area served by the Los Rios Community College District.

3.0 Bidding and Quotation Procedure

3.1 Where it is legally required or if it is determined by the Deputy Chancellor, to be in the best interest of the District to do so, supplies and work to be done shall be purchased on a competitive bid or quotation basis.

Policy Adopted:          9/1/65
Policy Revised:            9/2/70; 1/20/71; 10/17/73; 2/4/81; 6/16/82; 4/19/95; 10/15/08
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8323

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