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1.0 Authorization to Contract

1.1 The Chancellor is authorized and empowered to contract in the name of Los Rios Community College District subject to provisions of law and to approval or ratification by the Board of Trustees. (Education Code  81655 and 81656)

2.0 Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action for Contract Compliance

2.1 Any contractor performing work or providing services for the Los Rios Community College District must certify that there is no discrimination in the company's hiring or employment practices because of sex, race, color, ancestry, national origin, or religious creed.

2.2 All contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers shall be notified of the District's employment policy (compliance with Executive Orders 11246 and 11375) and shall be requested to take appropriate action on their part. On all contracts and bids, contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers shall be asked to sign a notice of compliance, unless exempted by law.

2.3 The Chancellor will ensure that district purchasing procedures will comply with state regulations on Minority, Women, and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Participation Goals (Title 5, Section 59500).

2.4 The Chancellor will ensure that district purchasing procedures comply with the District's conflict of interest regulations.

Policy Adopted:           9/1/65                 (Formerly P-8311)
Policy Revised:            1/23/74; 2/4/81; 6/16/82; 4/19/95
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8321

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