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1.0 Acceptance of Gifts, Devises and Bequests

1.1 The Governing Board may accept on behalf of, and in the name of, the District such gifts, donations, bequests, and devises as are made to the District for community college purposes. (Educ. Code 72241)

2.0 Disposition of Gifts, Devises and Bequests

2.1 Any gift of cash accepted pursuant to 1.0 above is deposited in the fund designated by the donor.

2.2 Any gift of a physical nature having form and substance may be assigned to the college or District organizational unit that is intended by the donor to be the recipient.

3.0 Implementation

3.1 The Chancellor/Superintendent or designee is authorized to develop administrative rules and regulations to implement the intent of this policy.

Policy Adopted:          7/2/75                    (Formerly P-8253; P-8252)
Policy Revised:            2/4/81; 6/16/82; 5/3/89
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8254

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