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8160     Instructionally-Related Activities                                                                         

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1.0 Recognition of Instructionally-Related Activities as an Extension of the Classroom

1.1 It is the intent of the Board of Trustees to recognize that certain of the curricula offerings within the Los Rios District provide that the students spend some time outside the classroom in activities other than preparation for in-class requirements.

1.2 These types of out-of-classroom activities include, but are not limited to, performance in dramatic productions, participation in forensics, participation in intercollegiate games, participation in the production of a college newspaper, performance with choral and instrumental groups and other such activities as defined in the Education Code and specified in administrative regulation.

2.0 Support for Instructionally-Related Activities

2.1 In recognizing these types of out-of-class activities, it is the further intent of the Board of Trustees to insure that the out-of-class activities basic to the successful completion of the courses of which they are an extension are available at each college regardless of the size of the college.

2.2 Support for these activities may be provided from the general fund in accordance with administrative regulation.

3.0 A Minimum Program for Instructionally-Related Activities

3.1 A minimum program for instructionally-related activities is approved as an extension of the classroom.

3.2 This minimum program is reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and appropriate adjustments are made to allow for changes in the instructionally-related activities program.

4.0 Goals and Objectives of Instructionally-Related Activities

4.1 The goals and objectives of instructionally-related activities are presented to the Board of Trustees at the time when approval of the activity for inclusion in the minimum program is requested.

Policy Adopted:           4/17/74    (Formerly P-2313)
Policy Revised:            11/19/80; 6/16/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-8163

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