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1.0 Authorization

1.1 The Board of Trustees authorizes the Chancellor/Superintendent to develop outreach programs.

1.1.1 Outreach programs should provide regular or specifically constructed programs and services to persons not previously served in an adequate manner.

1.1.2 An outreach program recognizes the need to provide services to various segments of the population who need special resources of the District before they become regular participants in on-campus instructional programs or an established off-campus program.

1.1.3 A developmental program is designed to encourage persons specified in 1.1.1 into regularly provided instructional services offered by a college or an off-campus instruction center.

1.1.4 Outreach programs designed for any one group of citizens will, in most instances, be a "demand" type of activity not consistently and regularly repeated in the same form or pattern. The plan for the program will include a termination date which shall be reviewed after the program has been established.

2.0 Program Operation

2.1 The Chancellor/Superintendent or designee is authorized to develop such administrative rules, regulations, and procedures as may be required in the operation of outreach programs.

Policy Adopted:          11/20/74
Policy Revised:            1/28/82; 4/21/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-7423

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