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7260     Remedial Courses                                                                         

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1.0 Remedial Course Work

1.1 For purposes of this section, remedial course work refers to precollegiate basic skills courses as defined in Title V, Section 55502. Such courses include reading, writing, computation, learning skills, and study skills designed to ensure acquisition of those skills necessary for completion of associate degree, transfer, and occupational courses.

2.0 Remedial Limit

2.1 Except as specifically exempted, no student shall accrue more than 30 semester units of credit for remedial course work at colleges within the Los Rios Community College District. Non-exempt students who have exhausted the unit limitation shall be referred to appropriate alternate local educational service providers with which the District has established referral agreements.

3.0 Exemptions from Limitations

3.1 The following classifications of students are exempted from limitations on remedial course work:

3.1.1 Students enrolled in one or more courses of English as a Second Language.

3.1.2 Students identified as learning disabled according to Title V, Section 56014.

4.0 Waiver of Limitation

4.1 A waiver of the 30 semester unit limitation may be granted to any non-exempt student who demonstrates significant, measurable progress toward the development of appropriate skills. Such waivers shall be given for specified periods of time or for specified numbers of units.

Policy Adopted:          1/15/92
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