Grading Practices and Standards  P-7252 

7250     Grading Practices and Procedures                                                                         

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1.0 Academic Grades  

1.1 Student work in all credit courses offered by the Los Rios Community College District shall be graded in accordance with the grading scale in California Code of Regulations Title 5, Section 55023.

1.2 Non-Evaluative symbols may be used in regard to incomplete work or credit course work without complete records. (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 5, § 55023)

2.0 Pass/No pass Courses (Cal. Code Regs, tit. 5, § 55022)

2.1 Each College may offer courses wherein students may elect a pass/no pass or letter grade option.

2.2 Each College may offer courses in which all students are evaluated on a pass/no pass (P/NP) basis.

2.3 Each College may designate courses not subject to P/NP grading.

3.0 Credit by Examination

3.1 The District shall develop regulations pertaining to credit by examination for specific catalog courses in accordance with Title 5 regulations. (Cal. Code Regs, tit. 5, §55050)

4.0 Repetition of Courses

4.1 The Los Rios Community College District shall develop regulations whereby courses taken in an accredited college may be repeated. (Cal. Code of Regs, tit. 5, §§ 55040 and 55041)

5.0 Academic Renewal

5.1 The District shall develop regulations whereby previous substandard academic performance earned within the District may be alleviated if the previous substandard performance is not reflective of the student's current demonstrated ability. (Cal. Code Regs, tit. 5, § 55044)

6.0 Probation Status (See Policy P-2231)

7.0 Dismissal (See Policy  P-2231)

8.0 Grade Reports to Students

8.1 Instructors have the responsibility to inform each student of his/her academic standing at mid-point in each course.

8.2 At the end of each term final grades assigned by instructors shall be made available to each student.

9.0 Final Examination (Formerly P-7221)

9.1 Final projects, portfolios, performances, examinations, or other assessments must be completed by students enrolled in all courses.

9.2 A schedule of final examinations will be announced each semester.

10.0 Grade Changes (Educ. Code 76224; Cal. Code Regs, tit. 5, §55025)

10.1 In any course of instruction for which grades are awarded, the instructor in the course shall determine the grade to be awarded each student in accordance with Section 1.0 of this policy.

10.2 The determination of the student's grade by the instructor shall be final in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency. Procedures for the correction of grades given in error shall include expurgating the incorrect grade from the record.

11.0 Implementation of Academic Standards and Progress

11.1 In concert, the District and the four Colleges will develop appropriate procedures for the implementation of policies in this entire section.

11.2 Each College will clearly set forth these policies and procedures in the College's appropriate publications.

Policy Adopted: 3/10/65
Policy Revised: 4/15/70; 3/15/72; 6/18/75; 11/19/80;1/28/81; 4/21/82; 3/1/00; 5/17/06; 10/15/08
Policy Reviewed:        
Adm. Regulation: R-7252

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