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1.0 Textbook Selection

1.1 As institutions providing collegiate-level instruction, Los Rios District colleges assume responsibility for the selection of textbooks and other instructional aids to facilitate effective learning.

1.2 To achieve optimum results, the individual college must be given the freedom to select those materials believed to be best suited for the realization of its educational objectives.

1.3 College instructors, employed on the basis of their knowledge of subject matter and skill in pedagogy, are best qualified to select appropriate materials.

1.4 The professional staffs of college subject matter areas shall confer on basic texts, reach agreement where possible and submit their recommendations on selection of textbooks to the department spokesperson coordinator who must concur in the recommendations if they are to be forwarded to the appropriate administrative officer.

Policy Adopted:          6/30/65
Policy Revised:           1/28/81; 4/21/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-7134

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