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1.0 Authorization to Contract

1.1 The Los Rios Community College District will cooperate with and assist agencies in developing collegiate level, in-service training educational programs that promote effective public service rendered in an efficient manner by public employees.

1.2 In accordance with the educational goals of the District to facilitate and encourage the continuing education of its residents, the colleges of the District will assist such employees enrolled in a governmental in-service educational program to complete a regular college degree or certificate program.

1.3 This will be accomplished by providing for an affiliation process whereby an agency offering a collegiate level, in-service educational training program may contract in advance for its trainees to receive college credit from one of the District colleges for educational experience provided by the agency.

1.3.1 Contracted courses/programs must be adopted as part of the curriculum of the Los Rios District and be taught by credentialed employees of the District.

1.4 The college will provide educational counseling services to trainees to inform them of opportunities available to complete the requirements for a degree or certificate offered by the college.

1.5 Contracts

1.5.1 The Chancellor/Superintendent or designee shall develop the criteria for affiliation contracts to be recommended to the Board of Trustees for adoption.

1.5.2 Such contracts may be routinely extended if terms of the contract are not modified.

1.5.3 The agency shall assume all costs of the program if training is not offered to the general public on an open registration basis.

1.6 Annual Review

1.6.1 The criteria will assure that all District standards for educational programs are met and that an annual review of affiliated programs will be given to the Board of Trustees at the date of contract renewal.

Policy Adopted:          5/19/65
Policy Revised:            9/1/65; 1/28/81; 4/21/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-7127

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