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1.0 Statement of Objectives (Educ. Code 66010.4)

1.1 The primary mission of the Colleges in the Los Rios Community College District is to offer academic and vocational instruction at the lower division level.

1.2 In addition to the primary mission of academic and vocational instruction, instruction and courses shall be offered to achieve the following: The provision of remedial instruction and instruction in English as a second language, as well as other support services which help students succeed at the postsecondary level.

1.3 The colleges will provide community services and programs so long as their provision is compatible with the colleges' ability to meet their obligation in their primary mission.

1.3.1 Remedial instruction for those in need of it.

2.0 Educational Programs

2.1 Lower Division College Education

2.1.1 Courses which enable students, including those with scholastic deficiencies, to complete the first two (2) years of four-year college or university requirements.

2.2 Technical-Vocational Education

2.2.1 Courses which equip students with effective occupational training, developed in cooperation with business, industry, labor, and public service and directed toward skill improvement, training and retraining for employment.

2.3 Community Education

2.3.1 Activities designed to meet the broad needs of the community coexistent with the regular on-going programs of the colleges. Because the extent of the activities is directly related to community needs, components of the program include, but are not limited to the following: credit and non-credit classes, adult education, continuing education, community services and development activities, and contract programs.

2.4 General Education

2.4.1 A selected program of study to acquaint students with the great traditional fields of knowledge, including the study of language and rationality, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences and humanities.

2.5 General Learning Skills

2.5.1 Courses which enable students to correct general learning skills deficiencies.

2.6 Counseling and Guidance

2.6.1 Vocational, educational, personal and health counseling directed toward personal efficiency, identification of aptitudes and self-realization and realistic self-appraisal by students.

2.7 Supervised Tutoring

2.7.1 A non-credit course available for students who are assigned on the basis of an identified learning need by a counselor or an instructor.

Policy Adopted: 6/30/65
Policy Revised: 4/17/74; 10/10/79; 3/12/80; 1/28/81; 4/21/82; 8/7/85; 3/18/92
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