Definitions  P-6911 

6910     Disciplinary Procedures                                                                         

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1.0 Definitions - These definitions shall apply to P-6911 et seq. and R-6911 et seq.

1.1 Administrative Leave - Status whereby an employee remains on the payroll but shall not come to work or interfere with District operations.

1.2 Administrative Officer - The Vice President of Administration of the college or the appropriate department manager at District Office/Central Maintenance.

1.3 Counseling Memo - A written statement addressed to an employee delineating in ordinary and concise language the specific acts and/or omissions requiring the attention and action of the employee.

1.4 Discipline - Management response to inappropriate conduct including, but not limited to, oral warning or reprimand, counseling memo, written reprimand, suspension, demotion, reduction in pay and dismissal.

1.5 Employee - A regular non-probationary classified employee.

1.6 Dismissal for Just Cause - Dismissal for cause is an action taken by the Governing Board to permanently separate an employee from employment with the District.

1.7 Insubordination - Refusal to do assigned work or to follow reasonable directions or orders regarding how or when to do work when made by a supervisor having appropriate authority; repeated failure or refusal to perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner.

1.8 Letter of Reprimand - a written statement addressed to the employee describing the misconduct of the employee.

1.9 Severe Discipline - suspension, demotion, reduction in pay or dismissal.

1.10 Suspension - Suspension is an action taken by the Chancellor which denies the employee the right to work in the District for a designated period of time. A suspended employee receives no compensation or benefits for time of suspension.

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