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1.0 Life-Threatening Illnesses

1.1 Employees with life-threatening illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, heart disease, and AIDS, may wish to continue to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition allows, including employment. As long as these employees are able to meet acceptable performance standards, and medical evidence indicates that their conditions are not a threat to themselves or others, college and District staff should be sensitive to their conditions and ensure that these employees are treated in a manner which is consistent with other employees who have or have had life-threatening illnesses.

1.2 Each case will be considered on an individual basis and on advice and in consultation with appropriate medical experts.

2.0 Child Care Centers

2.1 Employees who work in the Los Rios child care centers will be informed that the decision on admission/attendance of a child who has AIDS or another debilitating disease to any Los Rios child care center, shall be made administratively on a case-by-case basis upon the advice of medical experts, including but not limited to the State Department of Health Services and the County health department. Guidelines will be developed by the appropriate child care/health personnel in consultation with the Chancellor or designee and will be made available to employees.

3.0 Administrative Guidelines

3.1 It is the intent of the Board that this policy be implemented in conjunction with a comprehensive educational program in the area of AIDS. Each college shall develop a comprehensive information and educational program in coordination with its health services to educate students and employees. The Chancellor/Superintendent will develop regulations for continuous monitoring of the implementation of this policy and of all safety measures pertaining thereto.

Policy Adopted:           5/18/88
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