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6600     SEPARATION FROM SERVICE                              
1110     Temporary Separation 

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1.0 Reduction in Number of Positions

1.1 Whenever it becomes necessary through lack of work or funds to reduce the number of positions assigned to any operating unit in the District, the number of positions in each class to be vacated shall be forwarded to the District Personnel Office. (Educ. Code 88127)

1.2 When the positions to be eliminated have been established, the Chancellor/Superintendent or designee shall prepare a seniority list for each position classification of all the regular employees assigned to the classification in the District, regardless of work location.

2.0 Order of Reduction

2.1 Within each class to be vacated, employees shall be laid off in the following order:

2.1.1 Temporary and/or substitute employees;

2.1.2 probationary employees whose last overall performance rating was less than standard;

2.1.3 other probationary employees;

2.1.4 permanent employees.

2.2 The order of reduction of permanent employees shall be determined by length of service or seniority in the position class plus higher classes. The employee who has been employed the shortest time in the class, plus higher classes, shall be laid off first. Reemployment shall be in the reverse order of layoff. (Educ. Code 88127)

3.0 Employment Status of Permanent Employees

3.1 Replacement Privilege - Permanent employees shall be given the opportunity of replacing in a lower or lateral classification an employee with less seniority under these conditions:

3.1.1 The employee with greater seniority meets the minimum qualifications specified in the position specification; and,

3.1.2 the employee has previously served in the classification as a permanent employee and has had standard performance rating(s) in the lower or lateral class.

3.2 Reemployment List - Thirty-Nine (39) Months (Educ. Code 88117)

3.2.1 The names of employees who are laid off because of lack of work or funds shall be placed on a reemployment list for thirty-nine (39) months for the class in which they hold permanent status and shall be reemployed as positions become vacant in their class in the inverse order of layoff.

3.3 Reemployment List - Sixty-Three (63) Months

3.3.1 Employees who take voluntary demotions or voluntary reduction in assigned time in lieu of layoff to remain in their present positions rather than be reclassified or reassigned, shall be granted the same rights as persons laid off and shall retain eligibility to be considered for reemployment to their former position class for an additional period of up to twenty-four (24) months, provided that the same qualifications under which they qualified for appointment to the class shall still apply.

4.0 Temporary Termination Date

4.1 The effective date of temporary termination of services shall be the last day of paid status with the District (last day of employment plus accumulated days of vacation).

Policy Adopted:           10/67
Policy Revised:            11/69; 7/71; 12/3/75; 10/15/80; 10/20/82
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-6611

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