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6370     Staff Development Leaves                                                                         

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1.0 Authorization

1.1 Under provisions of Article 7, Sections 88220, et. seq. of the California Education Code, the governing Board of the Los Rios Community College District authorizes the establishment of a staff development leave program for classified employees pursuant to the terms of applicable collective bargaining agreements.  A classified staff development leave shall not exceed five (5) months, and shall be granted for the purpose of permitting study by the employee or for the purpose of retraining the employee to meet changing conditions within the District.  The Chancellor will establish regulations governing the granting of such leaves. 

2.0 Successful Candidates

2.1 Employees granted such staff development leaves must agree in writing to serve the District for a period of time which is equal to twice the period of the leave and shall resume his/her regular duties immediately after the completion of the leave.  Returning employees shall also prepare a report describing the benefits of the leave.

3.0 Penalties for Non-Compliance

3.1 The Chancellor shall establish regulations addressing penalties for non-compliance.

4.0 Compensation During Leave

4.1 The Board may adopt a resolution waiving the statutory requirement that an employee post a bond to ensure compliance with the terms of the leave.


Policy Adopted:           4/4/01
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Adm. Regulation:         R-6371

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