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6360     Limited or No Benefits                                                                         

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1.0 Authorization

1.1 Long-Term substitutes and long-term temporary employees appointed by the Board of Trustees to work six (6) to nine (9) months are entitled to benefits in accordance with provisions of the Education Code and other applicable Federal and State regulations, and the following District benefits:

1.1.1 Earned sick leave in proportion to assignment; available only as earned; excluding provisions of Education Code Section 88196.

1.1.2 Health/Dental insurance premium contributions provided by the District in proportion to the hours the assignment is to full-time.

1.1.3 Bereavement leaves not to exceed three (3) days or five (5) days if out-of-state travel is required;

2.0 No Benefits

2.1 There are no District benefits for short-term temporary or on-call substitute employees.

Policy Adopted:           5/71
Policy Revised:            7/10/74; 10/29/75; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 4/20/83
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         None

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