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6330     Salary Adjustments                                                                         

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1.0 Reclassification of Individual Position to Higher Salary Range

1.1 When the new position class to which an employee is assigned is one (1) or two (2) ranges above the rate of pay presently received, the employee will retain the same step on the higher applicable salary range.

1.2 Whenever a position is reassigned to a salary range which represents an increase of three (3) levels or more, the incumbent will be placed on the first step of the higher applicable range or on the step which will allow an upward adjustment of one (1) step over the present rate of pay.

2.0 Reclassification of Individual Position to Lower Salary Range

2.1 When a position is reclassified to a lower level classification, the incumbent's current rate of pay shall apply until such time as the employee vacates the position or future salary adjustments exceed the individual's present rate of pay and bring the person within the regular plan.

3.0 Salary Placement Upon Transfer

3.1 When an employee transfers to a position assigned to the same salary range as his/her present placement, the employee will continue to be paid at his/her currently assigned salary.

4.0 Salary Placement Upon Reinstatement

4.1 Whenever a permanent employee has been laid off because of lack of work or funds and is reinstated within thirty-nine (39) months from date of termination, the employee shall be entitled to continue on the salary step held prior to reinstatement until prior service and additional service shall, when added together, constitute another year.

4.2 A new anniversary date shall be established for reinstated employees laid off for lack of funds or work based on one (1) year of service disregarding the break in employment.

Policy Adopted:           7/65
Policy Revised:            1/66; 10/67; 1/69; 5/71; 7/10/74; 10/29/75; 10/15/80
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Adm. Regulation:         None

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