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6150     Personnel Records                                                                        

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1.0 Authorization

1.1 Any classified employee may examine his/her personnel file maintained at the District Office. Excluded from review by the employee will be ratings, reports, or records which were obtained prior to employment with the District, were prepared by identifiable examination committee members, or were obtained in connection with a promotional examination. (Education Code  87031)

1.2 Materials in personnel files of employees which may serve as a basis for affecting the status of their employment are to be made available for the inspection of the person involved. Excluded from review are items noted in Section 1.1.

2.0 Access to Personnel Files

2.1 The Chancellor is authorized to develop a procedure governing access to personnel files by officers and employees of the District when necessary in the conduct of District business.

2.2 The Board of Trustees or any individual member thereof will be permitted to view the personnel files of the District when meeting in closed session in connection with personnel transactions related to employment status or assignment of the employee for whom the file was compiled or for related purposes associated with District operations.

2.2.1 A member of the Board of Trustees who wishes to review such files in connection with a Board agenda item shall be given reasonable time to do so. If time available during closed session is not sufficient, the matter may be continued by Board consensus and the trustee permitted to review such material at the District Office in compliance with established procedures.

Policy Adopted:          10/67                 (Formerly P-6131)
Policy Revised:            7/71; 12/3/75; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 7/16/97
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-6151             (Formerly R-6131)

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