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1.0 Intent

It is the District's desire that capable and energetic employees have the opportunity to be promoted to positions of greater responsibility and salary.

2.0 Criterion for Promotion

2.1 A promotion shall require that the overall fitness of the candidate be determined by evaluation, verification of skills, and/or testing procedures such as are required for initial appointment.

3.0 Selection

3.1 Selection shall be made on the basis of individual qualifications and capabilities of the candidate, and in the best interests and needs of the District.

Policy Adopted:           7/65                 (Formerly P-6124)
Policy Revised:            5/71; 10/29/75; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 7/16/97
Policy Reviewed:

Adm. Regulation:         R-6134             (Formerly R-6124)

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