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1.0 Assignment of Relatives

1.1 In situations where spouses, domestic partners as defined in the District's health plans, or immediate relatives are assigned to work in the same operating unit, or report to the same immediate supervisor, the District shall conduct an individualized assessment on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the situation adversely affects District operations. If the District finds an adverse effect is likely, the District may require a transfer or reassignment to remedy the situation.

Immediate family includes the following relative(s) of the (a) employee; (b) employee's spouse; or (c) employee's domestic partner: mother, step-mother, mother-in-law; father, step-father, father-in-law; sister, step-sister, sister-in-law; brother, step-brother, brother-in-law; daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law; son, step-son, son-in-law; aunt or uncle (whether by blood, marriage, or domestic partner); grandparent (including the parents of domestic partner); grandchild (including the child of a domestic partner's child); husband, wife or domestic partner; husband, wife or domestic partner of that individual's child, step-child, or child-in-law; or any person living in the immediate household of the employee. 

1.2 The decision will be based on an analysis of various factors, including, but not limited to:

(1)  How closely said spouses, domestic partners or relatives will be working together or whether they will be working     independently;
(2)  whether said spouses, domestic partners or relatives may be in a position to play any role in decisions affecting the other's employment;
(3)  the potential for scheduling problems and absenteeism related to vacations, leaves of absence, bereavement, etc.; and 
(4)  the potential for problems arising if one spouse or relative remained in a bargaining unit while the other became a member of management.


Policy Adopted:          10/67                         (Formerly P-6121)
Policy Revised:            3/70; 10/29/75; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 7/16/97; 6/2/04
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         None

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