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6120     Recruitment and Appointment                                                                     

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1.0 Physical Examinations

1.1 Authorization

1.1.1 Under conditions or at the appropriate times the Chancellor shall require partial or complete physical examinations or other appropriate medical clearances.

1.1.2 Where provisions of the law require physical examinations or medical clearances, an employee or prospective employee shall obtain such examinations or clearances as a condition of employment.

1.2 Payment for Physical Examinations or Medical Clearances

1.2.1 The District shall pay a reasonable fee for such employee physical examinations and medical clearances as are required by law to be paid from District resources. (Education Code  87408.6) The Chancellor shall develop and implement rules and regulations governing such payments.

1.2.2 Payment for all other employee physical examinations or medical clearances is the responsibility of the employee.

2.0 Police Records

2.1 Fingerprinting (Education Code  88024)

2.1.1 All applicants shall be fingerprinted prior to employment with the District.

2.1.2 The Chancellor shall adopt appropriate regulations.

Policy Adopted: 7/65               (Formerly P-6115)
Policy Revised: 10/29/75; 8/15/79; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 1/11/95; 7/16/97; 2/4/98
Policy Reviewed:      
Adm. Regulation: R-6124         (Formerly R-6115)

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