Recruitment, Selection and Appointment:
Temporary Positions  P-6123 

6120     Recruitment and Appointment                                                                         

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1.0 Intent  

1.1 This policy is intended to authorize the Chancellor to establish procedures for recruitment, selection and appointment of temporary employees.

1.1.1 A temporary employee shall not be employed for more than 175 days in any fiscal year.

1.2 Because of the limited duration of employment of these employees, the Board recognizes that the employment procedures should be less formalized and less cumbersome for the District than in the case of regular employees.

1.3 Temporary employees are not classified employees.

1.4 Student help, college work study and substitute employees are not classified employees.

1.5 Temporary employees shall not establish permanence with the District and may be terminated at any time with or without cause. However, no employee shall be terminated for an unlawfully discriminatory purpose.

1.6 Before employing a temporary employee, the Board shall specify the service to be performed and the ending date of the service.   

2.0 Categories of Temporary Employees

2.1 Long Term Temporary Employees

2.1.1 Long term temporary employees are temporary employees hired in an authorized and temporarily vacant regular classified position. 

2.2 Short Term Temporary Employees

2.2.1 Short term temporary employees are all other temporary, nonacademic employees.

3.0 Police Records

3.1 Successful applicants shall be fingerprinted prior to employment with the District.

3.2 The Chancellor shall adopt appropriate regulations.

4.0 Implementation

4.1 The Chancellor shall adopt regulations for the recruitment, selection and appointment of temporary employees covered by this policy.

Policy Adopted:          7/16/97
Policy Revised:            2/4/98; 1/15/03; 10/1/03 
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-6123

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