Recruitment, Selection and Appointment:
Regular and Long-Term Temporary Positions  P-6122 

6120     Recruitment and Appointment                                                                        

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1.0 Building the Applicant Pool

1.1 The Director, Human Resources, shall take those measures which are legally permissible to build an applicant pool which includes significantly underrepresented groups and persons with disabilities.

2.0 Qualifications

2.1 An applicant must possess the minimum qualifications established for the position class; the individual must be able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

2.2 An applicant or candidate shall be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

2.2.1 Conviction of a misdemeanor involving sex offenses, controlled or illegal substances as defined in Education Code §§ 87010 and 87011, respectively, or of any felony, or a determination that the individual is a sexual psychopath (Education Code § 88023) Exception: Applicants having official certificates of five-year rehabilitation from controlled or illegal substances convictions may be considered for employment. (Education Code § 88022)

2.2.2 falsification or attempted deception in statement on the application;

2.2.3 previous dismissal from District service by the Board of Trustees;

2.2.4 positive results from an intradermal skin test and chest X-ray showing active tuberculosis.

3.0 Selection of Applicants

3.1 Persons interested in employment with the Los Rios District shall complete the District application form and appear for a personal interview, if requested.

3.2 Human Resources may administer examinations for necessary skills or competencies for all positions within a given class, contact former employers and other references for recommendations, and request evidence of training and proficiency.

4.0 Internal Candidates

4.1 The District may fill a vacancy by considering only in-house or internal applicants where such appointment is not in conflict with equal opportunity requirements.

5.0 Selection of Candidates

5.1 A process to assure that equal treatment is afforded all applicants shall be followed in the interview and selection of candidates.

5.2 The final selection of a person to fill the open position shall be made by the appropriate administrative officer in cooperation with the supervisor(s) in the area of job opening from among the qualified candidates recommended by Human Resources.

5.3 District employees possessing the requisite qualifications will be considered whenever they apply for promotional positions. All candidates will be selected on the basis of the specific needs of the campus or District division, individual qualifications, capabilities and personal suitability of the candidate, and in the best interest and needs of the District. Seniority shall be considered only when required by law.

5.4 The Chancellor will recommend to the Board of Trustees that candidate, whether within or outside the District, whose education, experience, accomplishments and skill qualifications best equips the individual to fulfill the demands of the position.

6.0 Appointment to Positions

6.1 The appointment of candidates to regular positions shall be made by the Governing Board. (Education Code § 88003)

6.2 The authority to make all other appointments is delegated to the Chancellor.

7.0    Police Records

7.1 Fingerprinting (Education Code § 88024)

7.1.1 All applicants shall be fingerprinted prior to employment with the District.

7.2 The Chancellor shall adopt appropriate regulations.  

Policy Adopted: 10/67         (Formerly P-6113, P-6114 & P-6116)
Policy Revised: 2/69; 3/70; 10/29/75; 8/15/70; 10/15/80; 10/20/82; 2/21/90; 7/16/97; 10/1/03; 3/21/07
Policy Reviewed:       
Adm. Regulation: R-6122     (Formerly R-6113, R-6114 & R-6116) 

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