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1.0 Authorization (Government Code § 3543)

1.1 The Government Code establishes the right of public school employees to be represented on all matters of employer-employee relations.

2.0 Contracts

2.1 The Board policies dealing with classified personnel embrace several groups of classified employees. Each of these groups constitutes a separate bargaining unit and is represented by an exclusive representative organization. The negotiated agreements between the Board and the bargaining units result in contracts which may differ considerably.

2.2 The contracts, when accepted by the Board and the exclusive representative of the bargaining unit, become binding on the Board and the bargaining unit for the duration of the contract. (Government Code § 3540.1)

2.3 Any terms in a given contract which differ from an existing Board policy supercede such policy as to the contract in question as long as the contract is in force. The policy shall remain effective as to any bargaining unit or employees not subject to the contract referred to above.

Policy Adopted:          10/20/82
Policy Revised:            7/16/97
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         None

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