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1.0 Types of Deductions  

1.1 Payroll Deductions for Group Insurance Plans - The District shall make appropriate deductions from employees' warrants for group insurance plans sponsored by recognized teachers' organizations of the District as approved by the Governing Board. Costs for group insurance in other than District-financed plans shall be paid by the employee. (Educ. Code 87040)

1.2 Other Payroll Deductions - Routine payroll deductions from the salaries earned by District employees will include Federal income tax, State income tax, retirement and social security (when applicable). Upon revocable authorization by the employee, deductions will also be made for credit union, Board-approved charity fund drives, U.S. Savings Bonds, recognized association dues, tax-sheltered annuities and deferred compensation plans. (Educ. Code 87833; Gov. Code 1152, 1157.2)

Policy Adopted:           6/30/65
Policy Revised:            12/16/70; 9/3/80; 10/20/82
Policy Reviewed:         12/6/00
Adm. Regulation:         None

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