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2440     Standards of Conduct and Due Process                                                                         

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1.0 Purpose and Scope

1.1 Regulations relating to student disciplinary actions are adopted for the purpose of providing a uniform method of disciplining students for discerned misconduct and assuring that all students are accorded fair and objective treatment.

1.2 These regulations shall not apply to suspensions from classes imposed by an instructor of this District, nor to sanctions imposed for the failure of students to satisfy the academic standards of the respective colleges.

2.0 Publication of Regulations

2.1 Copies of the regulations, together with designations of the respective identities of the persons appointed as Disciplinary Authorities and members of the Disciplinary Appeals Committee, shall be available at each College.

2.2 The President of each college shall have the responsibility for making such information known to the students and faculty.

2.3 A summary of the regulations shall appear in the student handbook and the faculty handbook.

3.0 Procedural Due Process

3.1 In any conflict related to student discipline, students shall be informed in writing of charges to be brought against them, and be given an opportunity to defend these charges.

3.2 This Policy shall be implemented by regulations for a uniform system of student appeals, which shall afford constitutionally sufficient procedural due process to students in the review and appeal of college and District disciplinary decisions.

Policy Adopted:          2/15/69
Policy Revised:           3/12/80; 11/19/80; 2/10/82; 2/3/93
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-2442

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