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1.0 Deposit or Investment of Student Funds (Education Code  76063 and 76064)

1.1 The Chancellor shall determine and be responsible for deposits and investments of student associations, student organizations/clubs, and student trust funds.

1.2 Deposits and investments shall be made in a safe and reasonable manner and adhere to District investment policies (P-8252) and (P-8253).

2.0 Expenditure of Student Funds (Education Code  76063)

2.1 Funds of a student body organization shall be expended subject to procedures that may be established by the student body organization subject to the approval of each of the following three persons, which shall be obtained each time before any of the funds may be expended: the college Vice President of Administration, the academic employee who is the designated advisor of the particular student body organization, a representative of the particular student body organization designated by the particular student body organization.

2.2 Trust, gifts, and bequests shall be expended in accordance with terms of the gift or bequest to the extent permitted by law.

3.0 Supervision and Audit of Student Funds (Education Code  76065)

3.1 The Chancellor, in accordance with law and Board policy, shall provide for proper supervision and audit of student funds.

Policy Adopted:          1/14/81
Policy Revised:            2/10/82; 7/17/96; 12/5/97
Policy Reviewed:
Adm. Regulation:         R-2314

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